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Who are we?

We are  a group of passionate volunteers who want to make positive difference to the world through the gift of LIGHT.

To many, light is a convenience often taken for granted in this modern age but there are still global communities that are in the dark. We believe that these communities should not be forgotten and we have teamed up with an innovative organisation called ‘Liter of Light’ to fulfill our mission.


Support our Effort

We are currently raising money for our next project  to install Solar Street Lights in an Off-grid area where light is desperately needed. 

Each street light will cost £200. Your donation will go a long way to cover costs of materials or installation.


Many people believe that the science behind solar lamps is complicated. We know that it can be simple. So we develop simple technology that is durable, easy to install and easy to maintain.

This summer we want to develop 80 solar street lights.  So many children can play on the streets at night and women feel safer at night too.

Train and Educate

With a little bit of knowledge anyone can make a solar bottle lamp. We teach youths how to use  readily available materials and recycled plastic bottles to make solar bottled lamp. We inspire young girls to take up a career in engineering and young men to consider a micro business with the knowledge that they acquire.

This summer we will train 30 youths. Equip them with the skill and knowledge to develop solar street light and then educate them on how to turn that knowledge to micro business.


When the solar powered bottles are ready we install them in relevant areas. During our most recent project we developed and installed 100 solar bottles. All of them were portable so kids could use them to read at night. Fishermen can use them for night shifts too.

In our next project we will install 80 solar street lights.

Some of our esteemed partners

Last Project

Our Last project was in a community in Lagos called Makoko. We inspired that community

Contact US

  • Ingenuity Centre, Triumph Road
  • team@literoflightnigeria.org
  • +447429549314
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